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Roboape (RBA) token review 2022 | is roboape token legit or scam?

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Roboape (RBA), token review 2022

Summary: Here is all you need to know about ROBOAPE (RBA), an upcoming token. We will talk about how to purchase the ROBOAPE token and also whether it is legitimate or fraudulent.

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What is Roboape, RBA Token?

Roboape can be described as another meme token made on the ETH platform within crypto space. This token was created in order to give more services and not make money for the founders. This token will be more beneficial to its users than the amount it takes from its users. This token will give the DEFI platform and its benefits to crypto lovers. What roboape can offer its users

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Roadmap for Roboape

Roadmap of Roboape has been divided into 5 Phase. They are starting marketing and launching their website in 1. In their second phase they will create bridges and NFT mining. RDA will launch a swap option and academy in 3rd stage. In 4th and 5th phases, RDA launches academy, swap options.

Is RoboApe, (RDA) legal?

We can’t comment at the moment because they are brand new on the market and also we are unable see any founders information on the company’s official website. We are constantly checking to see who is behind the project. When we do, we can come to a conclusion about whether robloape truly is legit.

Is RoboAPE Finance a Scam?

We can’t comment at the moment. Roboape is currently waiting for Roboape staff to update their whitepapers. Once everything is clear, with clear pictures of founders, then we can determine if this project was a scam or not.

Is RoboApe ($RDA-Safe) safe?

It is hard to tell if they’re safe. We have yet to see the faces behind this venture, but overall it seems promising.

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