RAF Steps In Over Black Sea to Halt Russia’s Interception of Essential Grain Consignments


In a crucial bid to impede Russian maneuvers targeting Ukraine’s pivotal grain trade, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) has heightened its patrols over the Black Sea. Sources claim that in the last month, Russia has amplified its aggression, deploying drone sorties and missile assaults that wreaked havoc on Ukraine’s primary ports, hindering the nation’s trade framework.

Analysts caution that Russia’s aggressive tactics to stymie Ukraine’s trade may trigger an international ripple effect, potentially causing a spike in global food costs. Such aerial incursions on Ukraine’s main trade hubs were directly green-lit by Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially after Russia’s withdrawal from an agreement ensuring unhindered navigation for grain vessels.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been a staunch critic of Russia’s invasion and the ensuing war. By: MEGA

Amidst the heightened nuclear tensions, Putin seems to be strategizing a new method to corner Ukraine. Ukrainian Agrarian Council’s Deputy Chairman, Denys Marchuk, has shared alarming figures – over a quarter-million tonnes of grain devastated in these bombardments. Marchuk explained, “The very framework – elevators earmarked for grain bound overseas – is being decimated by Russia.” He elucidated Russia’s broader game plan, implying its objective to dominate markets left unserviced by a beleaguered Ukraine.

Insider sources relayed to Express that the UK is ramping up its monitoring mechanisms, with RAF jets patrolling the Black Sea to deter Russia from launching unlawful attacks on civilian ships, particularly those transporting grain. The UK’s stance against Russia’s actions in Ukraine has been unwavering. Before the recent G20 summit in India, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed deep concern over the potential global inflation in food prices due to Russia’s maneuvers.

Sunak highlighted the broader issue – Putin’s increasing isolation and the urgent need for G20 nations to confront the cascading global consequences of Russia’s monopoly over pivotal commodities, notably its offensives against Ukraine’s grain supply.

To elude the tight grip over the Black Sea, Ukrainian grain consignments have adopted the Danube River as a substitute. Yet, Russia’s gaze has followed, targeting key points along the river, like the ports of Reni and Izmail, which are alarmingly close to NATO-affiliate, Romania.

Odessa’s regional governor, Oleg Kiper, reported a significant escalation with 14 Iranian Shahed drones downed in a single evening. The unfolding crisis prompted a plea from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to the UK’s Prime Minister. Zelensky’s public outreach encapsulated the urgency, “Odessa’s air defenses need bolstering, and we need our allies now.”

This aggressive pivot by Russia towards the Danube’s ports began in July. Putin, voicing his dissatisfaction, stated that the Black Sea Grain Initiative was unfairly leaning away from Russian agricultural exporters. This has resulted in a stranglehold on Ukrainian ports, with almost no grain-laden ships departing.

Putin has focused drone and missile strikes on the ports along the River Danube. By: MEGA© Knewz

President Zelensky, determined to counter Russia’s relentless aerial onslaught, emphasized safeguarding Ukraine’s power grids, critical hubs, the ports in the Odessa region, and the grain trade’s lifelines.


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